5 Hidden Hollywood Studios Secrets! (I’m back!)

Hollywood Studios, formerly MGM Studios, is Disney World’s third park. It opened on May 1st of 1989, and has seen many changes since then. These changes include the introduction of Tower of Terror, Rock and Roller Coaster, Toy Story Land, and Galaxy’s Edge. The park has many secrets, so here are some of the best.

5. Largest Hidden Mickey

Starting things off with a large secret, this Hidden Mickey is impossible to view from any point in the park. So how can you see it? Well, if you go to Google Earth, you can see a Mickey face built out of different parts of the park. It has been made less visible since the park opened, and at this point it’s almost impossible to make out, but it is still fun to look back at Disney World’s largest Hidden Mickey.

Vintage Walt Disney World: Sunset Boulevard Emerges | Disney Parks Blog

4. Copper Mickey

Right after you enter Hollywood Studios, you are greeted by a full-scale replica of the Crossroads building. The only difference? The Disney version has Mickey on top of the spinning globe! Besides being an emblem of Disney, this Mickey has an important purpose- his right ear is a lightning rod! This is to include a necessary element that protects guests as something that doesn’t look like an ugly rod.

PHOTOS, VIDEO: Crossroads of the World Mickey Returns, Globe Spinning Once  Again at Disney's Hollywood Studios - WDW News Today

3. Don’t Pull the Rope!

Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular is a stage show depicting the set of an Indiana Jones movie. It is a very enjoyable show and includes stunts like the rolling ball and huge falls. This secret, however, isn’t in the attraction. Outside the entrance to the queue, you can spot a dig site. Next to this dig is a sign reading, “Warning! Do NOT pull rope!” Since it says not to pull the rope, you have to pull it, right? If you are curious and pull the rope, you will hear archaeologists in the hole complaining at you for pulling the rope. This is just one of many details in and around ride queues.

Oh no, don't pull the rope! If you haven't given it a try, do pull the rope  on this well near the I… | Disney fun facts, Hollywood studios disney,  Disney world

2. The Key Under the Mat

MuppetVision 3D is a show near the Streets of America about, you guessed it, the Muppets. The queue for this attraction is huge and full of secrets and details, but there is one that stands out. In the queue, you can spot a sign reading, “Back in 5 minutes, key is under mat.” Of course this is Disney, so if you look under the mat below this sign, you will find a key on the ground. It is attached to the ground, though, so it can’t be your trip souvenir.

Muppet*Vision 3-D Trivia - AllEars.Net

1. Glue Spiders

The Tower of Terror is an icon of Hollywood Studios and even the entire resort. It is a drop ride themed to your very own episode of the Twilight Zone. This ride contains many secrets and Easter eggs hidden by the Imagineers, but it also contains unique techniques. One such technique is the spider webs all over the hotel. These aren’t made of spider silk, and instead are made of hot glue. They are made from the same strands that get all over your hands when you use a hot glue gun! (Bonus Fact: Imagineers wanted to use Rod Serling in the pre-show, but he had passed away in 1975, and the ride debuted in 1994. So, they used an introduction to the Twilight Zone episode It’s a Good Life by taking out Serling and hiring an impersonator to do the voiceover they needed [with permission from Serling’s wife]. The result is the pre-show we have today!)

We got to walk around the lobby of the Tower of Terror the amount of detail  was truly amazing : WaltDisneyWorld

I hope you enjoyed today’s post about Hollywood Studios secrets. I am sorry for my hiatus and I will try to post more often from now on. Thanks for reading, and have a magical day!


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  1. This was very interesting Max! I leaned a lot of things I never knew. Glad your starting up again.


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