Hi, my name is Max. I love Disney World. One day I hope to be an Imagineer. I love all the details and thought put in to the whole place. My blog posts will be about Disney World’s best rides, secrets, tips, and much more!

Hi, my name is Charley. I love Disney food. My blog posts will mostly be about food, but will also have some other things like rides. I hope you enjoy all the things we post!

  • A Preview of What’s Coming in 2021!

    February 24, 2021 by

    Disney World made some big promises for their 50th anniversary. These included new rides, shows and overall changes to the parks. However, the pandemic has ruined some of these plans, like the Spaceship Earth retheme and the addition of Cherry Tree Lane to the UK pavilion. Most projects are still on, though, so let’s see… Read more

  • News Update: Reservation System Extended

    February 16, 2021 by

    Disney is always experimenting with new systems and ideas. Recently, one of the ideas implemented for COVID-19 safety was a reservation system. This system requires guests to book reservations for the park that they want to go to. Something interesting happened with it this week, so let’s check it out. Originally, this system was only… Read more

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