NEWS: Splash Mountain Retheming!

As you may have heard, Splash Mountain is getting a retheme! What will the new theme be? Princess and the Frog! This is a great change, as you’ll hear later, and I’m so excited! Tell me if you are too in the comments!


This is because Splash Mountain is based on the movie, Song of the South. You may have not heard of it because there is no home video release of it in the US! This is because it is controversially racist. That is why the ride is being rethemed.

More Details

The new ride will pick up the story after the movie ends, so you won’t see Tiana as a frog. You will then follow Tiana and Louis as they get ready to celebrate at Mardi Gras. The ride will also keep the same layout, including the drop. The changes to the ride probably won’t happen for a while, though, and construction may not start for at least a year. It will also take a while once they start because the inside of Splash is made out of concrete.

I hope you are excited for this new retheme of Splash Mountain! Thanks for reading, and have a magical day!


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  1. As always, this was an informative and interesting post. I am glad to hear that they will keep the big drop on the ride. That part always made me scream! Thank you Max for bringing some Disney Magic into my day!


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