What’s Happening in EPCOT

As you may know, Epcot is undergoing a complete overhaul. Here are all the changes and additions coming soon.

Space 220

Space 220 is the new restaurant coming near Mission Space. Its theme is that you go, in a rocket, 220 miles above Epcot. It will have screens everywhere. to make it look like you’re in space.

Ratatouille Ride

The France pavilion is getting its very own ride! It will be a trackless Ratatouille-themed ride, and it will be an exact clone of the one in France. You can watch the ride in France on this link. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WtZdXqY1TKs)

Moana Journey of Water Attraction

Epcot is getting the first ever Moana themed attraction. It will be a walk-through attraction, and will allow guests to interact with water like it is alive.

The 4 Neighborhoods

Epcot will be divided into four ‘neighborhoods’, World Showcase, World Celebration, World Nature, and World Discovery. They each have individual traits.

World Showcase

New additions in the World Showcase include the Ratatouille ride, a new nighttime spectacular called HarmonioUS, and a Mary Poppins-themed attraction in Great Britain.

World Nature

World Nature will hold The Seas and the Land. It will also feature the Moana attraction, and a new film in the Land called Awesome Planet

World Discovery

World Discovery will feature science, technology, and intergalactic adventures. It will hold a new roller coaster called Cosmic Rewind, which will be themed to Guardians of the Galaxy. It will feature Disney’s first ever reverse launch. Also, Space 220 will be in this neighborhood, and so will the PLAY! pavilion. This pavilion is going to feature interactive games that you get to play.

World Celebration

World Celebration will feature the new Spaceship Earth, which will focus on storytelling instead of communication. It will also have a huge new structure called Dreamer’s Point. Dreamer’s Point will have an amazing view of the entire park and will have a statue of Walt Disney. It will have a bottom plaza layer, a middle expo level, and a park on the top level, which will be open to the sky.

I hope you enjoyed my post about everything going on in Epcot. Even though construction is delayed right now, these are still things to look forward to. Stay safe, and have a magical day!


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    1. You’re welcome! Walt Disney once said, “Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world.” The same holds true for Disney World!


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