Magic Kingdom Fastpass Advice

One of the best things about Magic Kingdom is that it has so many good rides. Because of this, Magic Kingdom only has one Fastpass tier- it includes everything. Now, I explained Fastpass more in-depth in my last post, so I recommend you read that first, but anyways, let’s talk about Magic Kingdom Fastpass.

If you want to do the mountains-

If you want to do the mountain challenge, book Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, and Space Mountain. This one is pretty easy because you have a set list.

If you have young kids-

If you have young kids, I’d recommend booking Seven Dwarfs Mine Train (depending on how old they are; Seven Dwarfs is a roller coaster, but isn’t that intense in my opinion), Dumbo, and maybe Peter Pan’s Flight. If you want to do Seven Dwarfs or Peter Pan, you really should book a Fastpass for it because those rides always have very long wait times. Other options include: Enchanted Tales with Belle, Meet Mickey at Town Square, and Pirates of the Caribbean. Another good ride for young kids is the Barnstormer, but you’ll never need a Fastpass for it because wait times are generally low (again, keep checking My Disney Experience to monitor).

If you are an adrenaline junkie-

If you like to ride the scariest rides, I’d book also recommend the three mountains- Space, Splash, and Big Thunder. This is the same as the mountain challenge, but only because these are probably the three scariest rides at Magic Kingdom. I did not include Seven Dwarfs Mine Train because it is a very short ride and less intense than the others.

If you want to ride classic Disney rides-

If you want to ride classic Disney rides, book Haunted Mansion, Peter Pan’s Flight, and Splash Mountain. All of these rides are old-fashioned Disney with many animatronics and a good story. You may notice that two other classic Disney rides, Pirates of the Caribbean and it’s a small world were left off. This is because you can get on both of these rides with short enough wait times if you keep checking My Disney Experience.

Thanks for reading my post! I hope it helps you pick out your Magic Kingdom Fastpasses! I’ll be back with another post soon, but for now, have a magical day!


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