Disney+ Review

As you may have heard, Disney recently released a streaming service called Disney+, which has all of Disney’s properties, like Disney classics, Pixar, Marvel, Disney Channel, National Geographic, etc. It also includes some new original shows, like a Star Wars series called Mandalorian, and a new, modern take on High School Musical called High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. Overall, it is very entertaining and will also probably be very popular. My favorite series is The Imagineering Story because I am so into Imagineering. Here is my review of Disney+.

To start, there are a lot of classic Disney movies to watch on Disney+, like Little Mermaid, Lion King, Cinderella, Aladdin, and many more classics. This is new and great because previously, you had to wait for the items to come out of the ‘Vault’. The Vault is a term previously used to describe Disney movies that had been locked away and unavailable for purchase. Disney did this to build up demand, as they thought people would lose interest if all of their movies were available all the time. But in Disney+, you can get all the classics, in one place (You can also get newer movies like Frozen.) I am most excited for Fantasia because I have always wanted to see that, and I’ve never noticed it being available out of the Vault.

One of the most popular series on Disney+ is Mandalorian. The story follows a bounty hunter in Star Wars as he fights monsters and completes quests. Two episodes have been released so far and I have watched them both. I’ll save an in-depth review for a later post but so far it is very interesting. I won’t spoil the first episode if you haven’t seen it, but I was especially surprised by who the Mandalorian finds at the end of the show.

I haven’t personally watched High School Musical: The Musical: The Series yet, but my sister has and I asked her for her thoughts. Also, to avoid a mouthful, I will refer to it as HSMTM. The story is set at East High School where the High School Musical story took place, but is set in present day. In HSMTM, the students at East High decide to put on a production of High School Musical for their school play. So far 2 episodes have been released, and my sister’s favorite part is when they posted the cast list.

All in all, Disney+ has a lot of content and is a huge step forward for Disney. I would definitely recommend buying it. It costs about $7 a month, and new episodes of original shows like Mandalorian and HSMTM are released every Friday. I hope you enjoyed my post, and if anybody has gotten Disney+, please let me know if you are enjoying it in the comments. Goodbye and have a magical day!


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