My Top 5 Magic Kingdom Rides

Magic Kingdom is Disney World’s first theme park. It is their main park as it has, by far, the most rides. There are some pretty great thrill rides, but also some signature, classic Disney dark rides and some cool animatronics. From a kid’s perspective, here are my favorites.

5. Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates is the perfect mix of a bit of thrill and classic Disney animatronics. There are so many things to look at that you notice something new every time. Also, the drop in the ride is fun and is something most young kids can handle. Of course, it will never be as good as Disneyland’s version, but it’s still a very fun ride.

4. Space Mountain

Space Mountain is a favorite of many kids, including me. You think you know roller coasters in the dark? Think again. You can almost never see where you’re going. It honestly feels your being pulled through space, especially in the Not-So-Scary version of the ride that runs during Halloween, where it’s pitch black. However, it feels very jerky and not smooth. But that’s part of the fun for me, and that’s why I love Space Mountain.

3. Big Thunder Mountain

The second mountain to hit the list, Big Thunder, is really, truly, “THE WILDEST RIDE IN THE WILDERNESS!” It is less of a big drop coaster, and more of a bumpy, full-of-turns, but fast style coaster. It is a great first “big kid” coaster for young kids. I do recommend back row seats on this one for the most thrilling experience. That’s what makes this one so fun for me.

2. Haunted Mansion

This is such a fun ride! It never gets old, and you’ll be wanting to ride again after every time. This might even be my favorite Disney dark ride. It is so perfectly themed and well done for those who like spooky rides with some suspense. The effects, no matter how old, are so cool and awesome. For example, the “Pepper’s ghost” feature is used a lot throughout this ride and is super convincing, where images are projected onto glass by mirrors to make it look like a ghostly figure is actually there. The dancing scene in the ballroom is a great example–it looks like there are actually ghosts having an old fashioned dance party. Overall, this makes for a scary good time!

1. And finally, my favorite, the winner… SPLASH MOUNTAIN!

The last “mountain” in Magic Kingdom to place is definitely the best. It tells the story of Brer Rabbit so well! Also, it is such a thrilling drop at the end that no other thing could duplicate it. I love the history of the attraction, like how the animatronics were repurposed from America Sings. Another fun fact, if you look closely, a gopher appears momentarily in the cave before the final drop, saying, “Go FSU!” This is a secret tribute to the college the Imagineer who worked on that animatronic went to, and one of the reasons I think Imagineering is so cool–who doesn’t want to hide secret things in rides for guests to spot! You can only see this from the first row. Also, right before the drop there is a Hidden Mickey. All in all, that’s why my favorite Magic Kingdom ride is Splash Mountain.

Overall, those are my favorite Magic Kingdom rides. I know you may disagree, but everyone has unique favorites, and that’s fine. Those are just my favorites, not necessarily the best overall rides at Disney World. What are your favorite rides? I’d love to hear in the comments!


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  1. Hi Max! My favorite is the Dwarf Mine Train! I rush each time to get the fast pass and feel it’s worth the wait without it. Maybe next year it will make your top list!


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