Disney’s Blizzard Beach

Disney’s Blizzard Beach water park is amazing. The amount of theming and Imagineering in it is incredible. So today we’re going to talk all about it.

First of all, the backstory is really cool. Florida was hit by a freak snowstorm and entrepreneurs saw this as an opportunity for money. Soon, Florida’s first ski resort was built. But this wouldn’t last long, as the Florida weather eventually melted the snow. But this was okay, because a water park is still just as fun! As you look around the park, you can see details all over telling the story of Blizzard Beach!

The main attraction at Blizzard Beach is Summit Plummet. It is America’s 2nd tallest freefall water slide. Freefall means the slide is just one huge drop. The slide is 120 feet tall and you can reach speeds of up to 60 mph, but for kids expect between 40 and 50 and for smaller adults expect 50-55. It stands at the top of Mount Gushmore, where you can get great views of Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdoms. Fun fact, the back of Expedition Everest is nothing but a wall! The smaller slide next to Summit Plummet is Slush Gusher. It is one drop but with bumps. It is 90 feet tall and reaches speeds of up to 35 mph. Also, prepare for air on those bumps!

Runoff Rapids is a group of 3 slides. There are two nearly identical open body slides, comparable to normal water park slides. But the middle slide is special. It’s an enclosed body slide. There is almost no light except for LED lights inside the slide. It’s basically Space Mountain as a water slide. The Snow Stormers are basic water slides, but on toboggan mats. Also, all 3 tracks are the same distance and configuration so you can race your friends. Downhill Double Dipper is a very fun slide. It is a tube slide, but only single tubes. You go plummeting down a fairly big drop in a race against the person next to you. Also, lines can get pretty long for this one. The family raft ride at Blizzard Beach is Teamboat Springs, the world’s longest raft ride. You will randomly rock left to right on this raft. It is 1200 ft long. Rafts fit 4-6 people, and if your party is less than four, you might have to share with other guests. Finally, the wave pool is fun, but nothing compared to Typhoon Lagoon’s pool.

The Lazy River is very relaxing, with calm scenes and even some spots to get sprayed by cold, icy water. As for eats, Avalunch provides normal quick food to eat fast and get right back to sliding. Lottawatta Lodge is the most full meal you’ll get at Blizzard Beach. It has some items normally not at counter service, so it’s kind of like a counter service-sitdown cross. The Warming Hut has a wide variety of sandwiches, and any place has pretty good drinks.

All in all, Blizzard Beach has superb theming and is super fun to visit. That’s what makes it one of America’s highest attended water parks. That’s it for my first blog. See ya real soon!

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